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Rootamental is about people...personalities:
what they are creating and
how they are contributing,
Making LIFE Better?

Growing up surfing is a lifestyle. Naturally when not surfing we think about surfing. We express these thoughts by reinacting the experience through Art and Surf/Skateboarding. We draw and paint waves from memory. We ride our skateboards like pumping and carving a wave. This surfing expression is a way of life. We live it and Love it.
We, Scott Kam and Ryan Webster, built our own Surf/Skateboards in the mid 80's as an expression of this lifestyle. We started making them in High School woodshop class...

...In 1993/94 we created our Rootamental Brand Surf/Skateboards. Our Original Kroozer Skateboard was designed to surf the streets. Our design was based on a 70's surfboard shape/ride. They have a rounded diamond kicktail which is our trademark. It was very unique at the time because the other "Longboard Skateboard" companies made Flat decks. The market followed our design features over the years, but has never duplicated the function of our Kroozer Skateboard Series.
We are proud of our roots and originality. Support the Rootamental Surfing Lifestyle!


Rootamental is a core board riding Lifestyle Company. We provide boarding products that are designed, manufactured and delivered with a focus of sustainability for our environment and community. The Kroozer© skateboards are modeled after our surfing/skateboarding roots from the mid to late seventies.

They are made with classic seventies style and built with advanced skate technology. They are assembled complete and tested for quality assurance and ride. We love this product and Kroozer© skateboard feel. That's why we want to share it with you.


We will continue to sustain our Rootamental Lifestyle and our Commitment to improving our quality products and services for our community and environment.
We will support and promote Surf/Skate athletes and artists with events and visual medias.
We ask you to continue your support of the Rootamental Lifestyle by following our news, contributing to our forum and events, and purchasing Rootamental Products.


+ Used Clothing & Other Recycled Products.
+ Organic & Other Sustainable Products.
+ Non-Toxic Cleaning Materials.
+ Local it Reduces Transportation Impacts.
+ Goods With Less or Recycled Packaging.
+ From Those~Commited to Your Community.
+ FairTrade=Workers Get Fair Living Wage.
+ Bulk Saves Money=More Money & FUN.